Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you offer bulk discounts?

    We do! Currently we offer these discounts:



    2 for $44.99

    3 for $59.99

    4 for $74.99



    2 for $124.99

    3 for $164.99

    4 for $199.99



    2 for $249.99

    3 for $329.99

    4 for $399.99



    Simply add all of the beats you want to your shopping cart, the discount applies automatically!


  • What purchasing options are there and what’s the difference between those?

    All information about licensing terms can be read by clicking "Licensing Info" tab.

  • What are the accepted payment methods?

    You’ll be redirected to PayPal after picking which beats you want. You can then choose to either log-in to your PayPal account or choose to pay via Credit/Debit card.

  • How can i get the tags removed from the beats?

    To get the untagged version of a beat, purchase either a basic or premium lease at The difference between those two is explained above.

  • I want to use the beat for non-profit use only, do i have to purchase a lease?

    Yes. The lease allows you to use the beat. The $1 downloads are meant for demo/private use only. If you end up liking the song and are looking to release it, whether it’s for free or for sale, you must purchase a lease.

  • I purchased a $1 download, why is the beat still tagged?

    The $1 downloads are meant for demo use only! This means you can record your song (test-drive the beat) and if you want to release it or get the untagged version, purchase a lease.

  • I purchased a beat but didn’t receive a download link.

    Please check your spam folder. Leases are also automatically sent to your PayPal email, so if you have provided a different email during checkout chances are that the download link(s) have been sent to your PayPal email. If it so happens that you don’t have access to that email address anymore, send an email to along with all of your information including the order number and the PayPal address so we can resend the order to the right email address.

  • I purchased a lease but my MP3 is still tagged.

    Some older mp3 files still contain tags. Please download the untagged WAV file instead. You can later on convert that one in mp3 format if necessary.

  • Is my project commercial (for-profit) or promotional (non-profit)?

    Non-commercial: school, research, pro-bono project where you and the client are NOT earning money. Any self promotional work is considered commercial if it has the aim to attract commercial work.


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